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    Kerberos and SQL developer 4.x - supported?


      Tried to transcribe the Kerberos configuration of my working SqlDeveloper 3.x for SqlDeveloper 4.x (windows x64 flavor both) via the


      to no avail: authorization is consistently denied

      No version of SqlDeveloper 4.x worked for me...

      Any suggestion/tracing available?


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          Compare the SQL Developer 4.x preferences against the SQL Developer 3.x. especially check these parameters from Database --> Advanced:


          Use OCI/Thick driver: If this option is checked, and if an OCI (thick, Type 2) driver is available, that driver will be used instead of a JDBC (thin) driver for basic and TNS (network alias) database connections.

          Kerberos Thin Config: Config File: Kerberos configuration file (for example, krb5.conf).

          Kerberos Thin Config: Credential Cache File: Kerberos credential cache file (for example, krb5_cc_cache).