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    Changing Approved requisitions using iProcurement


      Hi All,


      I have setup a supplier with communication method as Email.


      A requisition is created in iproc for a quantity of 200 Ea. The requisition is approved and its converted to a PO by the buyer. The PO is approved and an email is sent to the Supplier.


      The requester receives a part of the quantity eg: 100 Ea. Then the requester goes in and makes a change to cancel the requisition. This then sends a workflow to the Buyer who created the PO. The buyer accepts the workflow and a new version is created for the PO.


      The question I have is does this now send an email to the supplier to communicate on the cancellation of the order? (We are not using iSupplier Portal). In my case it did not send any email and i would like to know if this is how it works?