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    Creating logical standby db question


      Here is my scenario.  I have a primary, and a physical standby database.

      I wish to create a logical standby db in addition to this.  From the docs I looked at i need SUPPLEMENTAL_LOG_DATA_PK, SUPPLEMENTAL_LOG_DATA_UI set to yes.

      This was done in the primary, not the physical standby.


      So when I go to create my logical, I first create a physical.  Can I start with a copy of the physical standby, or must I start with a copy of the primary since

      this additional logging is only turned on the primary and not the physical?  I mean I know the logs I am applying are from prod and so on. I just want to be 100x sure

      because A.) getting a copy of prod is much harder from the folks I'm working with, and B.) getting a copy period is an exercise that takes a long time to get through the red tape

      so want to just make sure I don't have to go through it more then once.


      I don't manage the prod environment, trying to use the standby mechanism to keep fresh prod data for qa/dev purposes (with data going through a sanitize process first of course, but that's unrelated to the question).