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    Oracle Express g10/ windows7 / 32bits


      Salut !

      J'ai installé Oracle Express g10 Sur windows7 32 Bits mais lorsque j'essai de me connecté avce la console en tapant SYSTEM et le mot de passe ça m'affiche une erreur de type:

      "ora-01034 oracle not available ora-27101 shared memory realm does not exist"

      et même lorsque j'essai d'ouvrir  le navigateur avec l'adresse suivante rien ne s'affiche

      Comment régler ce problème svp !!

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          >> ora-1034


          The database is not running.


          With no database there is no way for the http:...8080 web pages to work. Sometimes the installer appears to work successfully, and its not being accurate. The other piece required for the http to work is the database listener, and a correct setup for the network adaptor.


          Also on Windows hosts the database service (shortcut: start / run / services.msc ) has to be running, otherwise an ora-12560: TNS ... error is revealed when trying to connect (the conn /...)


          Try the startup, that might do the trick:


          sqlplus /nolog

          conn /as sysdba

          ... ? connected to idle instance... ???


          ... ???


          And for 10g ... well, that installer is much older than Windows 7. Better results are also seen with the Professional version of Windows


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            Sorry Iam a new user of Oracle.

            can you simplify the thing for me step by step

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              Welcome to the world of RDBMSs. There are quite a few different relational database management systems available, oracle is one.


              To get "the database" up and running, the installer has to set up the software, create the instance, start it, and a few other tasks. In Windows, the XE installer adds five (?) different services in the host- see the services applet, click Start and in the Run... box type in services.msc and hit <enter> to bring up the services applet. There are other ways to get there, but the Run shortcut is one of the easiest and quickest ways.


              In the services applet, hit the Standard tab for a slightly less crowded view of the list of services on the host. The database service is OracleServiceXE. One other service, the listener, and its named OracleXETNSListener. The purpose of a listener is passing connection requests to the database instance. The listener also has a role with servicing the http web pages, a.k.a. Apex, but when the database is not running, there is no way for the http:...:8080 web pages to work. And the other three services the installer creates are not critical to running the database instance.


              Trying the startup with the sysdba connection (use a command box, or Start / Run... / cmd.exe ) and in the command box type sqlplus /nolog and then the conn[ect]... as posted earlier to try and "fix" the fact that the database instance is not running.


              Installer may not have completed all of its chores, the startup attempt should offer some hints on which particular install task is not quite right. The database may startup just fine- or not. If the database does not get created by the installer, which is one possible outcome of a failed install, startup won't work and you'll get an error message.


              With XE, either the 11g or 10g versions, about the only workable way to fix an incomplete install is follow the steps under "Deinstalling..." at Oracle&amp;reg; Database Express Edition and try another run of the Setup.exe program.