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    Debug Hang


      We were wondering if you addressed the debug hang issue in this latest release? The debug would basically not respond and not reach the first line of code. I had documented the cause in a previous post (assuming there's only one cause). If a RECORD has initialization values assigned, and then a type is defined which is an array of that record, debug will not run. I also mentioned that this used to work in 10g.

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          What's the previous post?

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            I posted something months ago, but I never received a reply.


            Define a record with initialization values:



              TYPE type_delinq_report_det_1 IS RECORD


                space1           CHAR := ' ',

                mbrno            NUMBER(8),

                space2           CHAR(3) := '   ',

                name             VARCHAR2(24),

                space3           CHAR := ' ',

                acctstatus       VARCHAR2(6),

                space4           CHAR := ' ',

                location         VARCHAR2(12),

                space5           CHAR := ' ',

                ph_conndt        VARCHAR2(12),

                space6           CHAR(9) := rpad(' ',9,' '),

                cyc              NUMBER(4),

                space7           CHAR(2) := '  ',

                delinquent       NUMBER(11,2):=0,

                space8           CHAR(2) := '  ',

                net              NUMBER(11,2):=0,

                space9           CHAR := ' ',

                penalty          NUMBER(9,2):=0,



            Define an array of that record:


              TYPE type_table_delinq_report_det_1 IS TABLE OF type_delinq_report_det_1 INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER;


            Create an instance of the array and reference it in the package.


            Debug will not run in this scenario. It simply does nothing - no errors, no response, nothing. We determined this by removing pieces of code until we found the culprit.


            To clarify, you have to actually assign a value to one of the fields in the record that was initialized. For example,


            delinq     type_table_delinq_report_det_1;


            delinq(1).net := 10;

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              If you never got a reply, odds are it didn't go anywhere.


              What version of Oracle Database, what version of SQL Developer are you doing this with?


              Formal bug reports should go to My Oracle Support. I'll try to take a look at this though.

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                We are on 11g. We're currently using Developer 4.0, but it also happened with 3.2. It did not occur when we were on 10g.

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                    Yes, that's the version we're on.