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    SLM Grants and UDAs

    Nitin Jain



      I am facing a very peculiar problem. We are on R12.1.3 and implementing Oracle SLM/AME. I have defined 2-3 UDA groups, each containing 2-3 attributes. I have associated them with 'common' and business entity 'Supplier Party' as per the user guide. I have also added them on the supplier onboarding page as an administrator. Now when i create a new supplier registration request, i can see the UDA groups there in the supplier profile attributes section. I can update them as well. All good so far. Now i don't want all the UDA groups to be available at the time of supplier registration to the supplier user/contact. Hence i have defined privileges (both view and edit), roles/permission set (admin role has both view & edit privileges), grants for specific user (me) - associating it with the role/permission set defined earlier. I have also associated both view/edit privileges with the UDA groups. Now when i go to supplier registration page (under supplier profile attributes), i see my UDAs visible to me only in view only mode. I can't edit them. If i go back to my setup, remove the privileges, it works fine, but then as a person with grants and role having both privileges it should be working fine right? Is this a bug? Can someone in the group shed some light on it?