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    Scenario Manager issue


      Hi All..

      I am very new into this ATG arena.I am getting the below error in log file in my current project. I am totally clueless about this error.


      **** Error    Thu Feb 27 00:00:39 GMT 2014    1393459239085    /atg/scenario/ScenarioManager    Process instance ProfileAdapterRepository:collectiveScenario:793000005 of process /AbandonedOrders/AbandonedOrders.sdl and segment "ItemAddedToOrder" has modification time 1263483573374 which is greater than the current process modification time 1257345358656, but the process information appears to be up to date. This process instance will be ignored. Make sure that you have cache-mode="locked" set on the scenarioInfo item descriptor.


      have anyone encounter this error before??

      Could you please help me on this.