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    Multiple OCR location for multiple different RAC installation in single box?



      We are going to migrate a 10gR2 RAC env to a server with 11gR2 RAC installed.
      Currently the issue/question we have is the reference of /etc/oracle/ocr.loc to OCR.
      11gR2 OCR is on ASM and 10gR2 OCR going to be on raw devices, but we only have one ocr.loc which only points to a single OCR.

      So is it possible to have multiple ocr.loc, so that 10g and 11g can look for their own correct ocr location? Or any other solution to this? Thanks

      Example: Currently ocr.loc is pointing to 11gR2 OCR which resides in ASM
      [oracle@csixdb1 ~]$ cat /etc/oracle/ocr.loc

      OS is RHEL 5.8 x86_64