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    SQLDeveloper v4.....'Open' dialog


      How do I make the 'Open' (file) dialog more useful. I have a directory of sql scripts which I have setup up in Win7 as a library so I can easily get to it in Windows. But in sqldeveloper I have to navigate to it which is painful as its nested deeply in the file structure. Can I maybe set up an additional tag to the existing tags 'Home', 'Desktop', 'Documents' in the open file dialog. What would you suggest?

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Actually, the File > Open dialog's list of tagged locations should be updated automatically to include immediate parent directories of recently opened files.  Just try opening a file in your preferred directory, then close it and check the File > Reopen list.  If it is there, it should also appear in the File > Open dialog's list of tagged locations.  Not sure if there is a limit on how many additional directories can get tagged.


          Internally, these recent OpenedFilesHistoryItem's appear in an ide.properties file buried somewhere in your user settings.




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