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    Change in the burden multiplier




      We changed a burden multiplier on an existing burden schedule. The labor transactions recosted, however the supplier costs have all flipped to Non-cost distributed and have not recosted as we do not allowed adjustments on supplier costs.

      How can these supplier transactions be recosted ?.


      Do you need to do the below processes or is there some other method ?


      1. Do we need click on recost in the expenditure inquiry

      2. Run the ' Adjustments on supplier invoices process'

      3. Create a clearing account


      Thanks ..Sri

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          You can try running distribute supplier adjustment cost process. Not sure if it recalculates costs as you dont' allow adjustments.


          The most straight forward option would be to temporarily allow adjustments for VI costs and run distribution processes, then disable it again. That is if you want your burden schedule changes to take effect for VI costs retrospectively. If you don't you might need a datafix to mark VI EIs back to costed.