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    Question about changing server in 3 node RAC


      We need to change server from Sun T2000 to Sun T4 to increase the CPU power. Everything else will be same, such as the network, ASM storage. What is the best plan with minimum impact? I am thinking to make the full image copy of the server from T2000 to T4 and detach the interconnect to put on to new server, node by node. In this case, we do not have to do anything on the database/cluster update/install. E.g. Make the new node to be complete image copy from the node to be removed. Change cable connection to the new node and power on the new node, do not to do anything since the server is identical to the one to be removed. The OS is Solaris 10 and database the cluster ware version is

      The detail of the option 3 will be something like:


      1. OS level pre-image copy for the new node while the RAC is running with all node.
      2. Power off the node to be deleted
      3. Disconnect the network on the node to be deleted
      4. Full image copy from the old node to the new node offline
      5. Connect the network to the RAC for the new node as well as ASM path connection
      6. The new node should be automatically identified in the RAC
      7. Start the crs cluster on the new node
      8. Start the instance on the new node

      Not sure if this plan works. Please advise.