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    WebCenter Spaces/Content: Automatically creating personal folders for users in WebCenter content.

    Michel Vercruijsse

      Hi everyone,


      I'm having a problem with regards to a user's personal folder. Our users are getting personalised reports (PDF) out of another system and we want to input these in WebCenter Content and have them viewable in their Documents tab in Spaces. We're using idoc in WCC to get the proper CollectionID of the personal folder that is associated with a user by the userID in the CollectionName (this is all happening in the Collections table in WCC's database).


      However, a user's personal folder can only be found after he/she has visited the Documents page (in their Spaces profile) atleast once. That means that users that have never visited that tab before (such as new users, or those that don't use the functionality yet) won't receive the report.


      We would like to have a way of getting those personal folders automatically created before the reportbatch runs as we can't rely on all users actually visiting the document tab beforehand. I've so far been able to find out about the getInitilializedPublicFolderInfo() method in the Java API Reference for Oracle Webcenter Portal ( which says: "Returns a bean providing information around the user's public folder (usually located at /PersonalSpaces/[username]/Public). When executed for the current user the folder will be created if necessary."


      From here on, my trail seems to run cold. The "current user" part implies fiddling with security and I really don't know how to continue, does anyone have a clue as to how to accomplish this? Or am I looking in the wrong direction and is there an easier way?