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    Process/Deployment Flow Question


      Hi Everyone,


      My company has recently started to use Business Intelligence, specifically we create interactive dashboards. I have a question about best practices for deployment of dashboards. We currently have three physical boxes


      Dev Box

      Test Box

      Prod Box


      Right now our developers will create a dashboard in DEV, then we take the catalog files and the .rpd and we move it to TEST, and then we take that catalog and RPD from TEST and move it to Prod (we also have to modify the RPD datasources before moving between environments). Is this the best way to do this?


      A couple of issues have arrived. For one, every time we move the catalog file and RPD we have to restart OBIEE, which means we kick users out. We also have issues were one developer is working on one dashboard in one environment, and then another is working in another environment and we end up with mismatches and have to do mergers and all that.


      I suppose my question is, is there a more efficient way of developing these dashboards? Perhaps we should get rid of the other environments and only do development of dashboards on the PROD server, but not make them available to external users until they are ready? How do you guys handle this development workflow?