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    Strange problem with Weblogic and Crystal Reports




      I know the whole thing could be a little unclear but as we are trying to get the root cause, I am putting the question.

      We have a cluster with three nodes running on weblogic 10.3.6, these are connected to a clustered oracle db on AIX 7.1. Also we have a Crystal Reports 2013 server on windows host.

      Here is the problem we are facing:

      When a couple of users work on this environment, they can generate their reports very easily and without any delay. But when we have about 10 users or more, after 15 minutes or so, the report server takes long to respond. Report server uses the clustered weblogic as its application container.

      We have thought this might be a problem with the Reports server but when we swapped the server with an identical one-which is connected to a single node weblogic-everything on the report server worked normally and the report server which had no issue on single node, started to get slow.

      That's why I think here is the best place to ask this question. Our clustered app server has a proxy server on top of it which connects to CR and gets the report from them. and actually the proxy server is our POE so there will be a load on top of this/

      I know the whole question is a bit obscure, so let me fill you in with the details anytime possible.

      Can it be a general problem like network or so?

      Is this weblogic performance probelm or we are barking at the wrong tree.