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    unable to connect from windows


      Here is a brief info about my config.


      I am running Oracle RAC on a two node. Both nodes are hosted on Oracle VM

      The system is 11GR2 ... Linux is Oracle 5 version 7

      The scan name is NOT on DNS but a single entry in the host file

      both the nodes are up and working.

      crsctl stat res -t gives me the correct info.

      If I use the following

      tnsping rac   from node1, node2, and windows command line  it works

      I have also entered the ip address of the rac-scan (the scan name) in the windows hosts file which is in


      I am able to ping rac-scan and this is replying from the correct ip address


      I have also installed the full version of Oracle Client software on windows 7 and a free version of TOAD and also SQL Developer on Windows 7

      If I change the tns entry in the tnsnames.ora file on the windows (win 7)  and change this to the host name  it works fine

      However if I change the entry to rac-scan this does not work

      Not working - This implies the following

      ping rac-scan (WORKS)

      tnsping rac (works)

      sqlplus system/<password>@rac  ...does not work

      if I replace rac-scan in the tnsnames.ora in the local machine (client - win 7)

      with rac31 (my host name)  then only I am able to connect thru sqlplus

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          Vandana B -Oracle



          Do you have any firewall enabled? If yes, then try disabling the same and see if you are still unable to connect via scan


          Also, what is the error that you get while connecting via scan?


          Ensure that the following parameter is set to scan:<port>


          show parameter remote_listener


          The above command should display as follows


          SQL> show parameter remote_listener



          NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE

          ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------

          remote_listener                      string      rac-scan:1521



          Vandana - Oracle

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            The SCAN listener redirects the client to a local database instance's listener - based on what services these local listeners registered, what service the client requested, and whether the client requested a load balanced connection and so on.


            The client receives from the SCAN listener, the hostname (should be a FQDN) and tcp port to connect to, for the service it requested.


            The client needs to be able to resolve that FQDN hostname to an IP address, in order to follow this redirect from the SCAN listener.


            If these hostnames are not available via the local DNS, then the client's hosts file needs to be updated beforehand with these IP addresses and FQDN hostnames. Else hostname resolution will fail.


            If this is not the issue, enable SQL*Net tracing on the client, make a sqlplus connection, and examine the resulting trace file for details on the error(s) generated.

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              Hi Vandana,


              The show parameter remote_listener results in



              The firewall is definitely disabled


              I tried it this morning and it works fine.


              Thanks Vandana