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    How do you access apps.fnd_profile package from your apex custom schema in EBS r12.1x


      I was doing some reading on the forum and noticed that a few posts on this topic did not really answer the question.


      The answer is : (MUST RUN AS APPS)

      • grant execute on fnd_profile to {custom_apex_schema}
      • grant execute on FND_CORE_LOG to {custom_apex_schema}
      • grant execute on FND_GLOBAL to {custom_apex_schema}
      • grant select on fnd_profile_option_values to {custom_apex_schema}
      • grant select on fnd_profile_options to {custom_apex_schema}
      • create or replace synonym {custom_apex_schema}.fnd_profile_option_values for applsys.fnd_profile_option_values;
      • create or replace synonym {custom_apex_schema}.fnd_profile_options for applsys.fnd_profile_options;