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    "ASM is not configured on this cluster" error


      Hello. RHEL5.10, 2 node RAC. I upgraded 10gR2 clusterware to 11gR2 (, db is still, seeems to be working OK. Now I need to install db into another home. Doing this got an error: "INS-30512 Auomatic Storage Management is not configured on this cluster". By the way, 10gR2 is running using ASM. When I run from grid home:


      ./srvctl status asm

      PRCR-1001 : Resource ora.asm does not exist


      ./crsctl status resource -t -init


      Cluster Resources


            1        OFFLINE OFFLINE                                                


      I checked installation log of clusterware upgrade and found nothing related to ASM errors, seems to be asm upgraded OK. Must I do something like "srvctl add asm" ?