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    Auto Approval for PO Release


      Hi All,


      We are updating a PO release through an API (PO_CHANGE_API1_S.update_po) post approval by a custom form. After the update the release is going for re-approval process.

      Is there any API as such where can auto-approve the release or should we need to tweak the workflow approval process to get it auto approved..

      We want this auto approval to be done when the update is happening through the custom from and when the normal re-approval process should be working when an manual update is done on the release.




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          Dear MJ,


          If the scenario is dependent on the source of transaction viz a viz a Custom Form or Standard Form, you would not be able to control the re-approval process to be automatic.

          My understanding is that auto approval tolerances for change order works, but it will work for all changes to a blanket release alike.


          In case the auto approval tolerances are set properly and in the API PO_CHANGE_API1_S.update_po, LAUNCH_APPROVALS_FLAG is set to 'Y' the release would be automatically approved.Unfortunately, same would be the behavior in case of manual update to Blanket releases.


          Think about a customization




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            Hi Abhi,


            Thanks for the reply. Baeed on your reply i can think of tweaking the workflow to by-pass the standard the approval process for this kind of an update (Update done through a custom form). And when the end user updates the release the standard approval process will follow.And we don't want to change the approcal tolerances and it will affect the behavior of the manual update.


            Is there any API as such which can called for the change approval so that we can avoid calling the workflow?