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    Alert log shows : Suspending MMON action


      Hi all,

      My database alert log shows as follows.


      Sat Mar 15 06:39:53 2014

      Suspending MMON action 'undo usage' for 82800 seconds

      Sat Mar 15 09:12:21 2014

      minact-scn: got error during useg scan e:12751 usn:67

      minact-scn: useg scan erroring out with error e:12751

      Suspending MMON action 'Block Cleanout Optim, Undo Segment Scan' for 82800 seconds


      Because of this my database hangs and unable to login into sqlplus. I can see smon and pmon is still in background as os process.

      I tried looking on-line and metalink 1478691.11297450.1. but i couldn't do any of these since the db hangs.

      Is there any way to make it work, without crashing the instance.


      Any workaround for this.


      Kindly suggest.