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    RESTful Services Login Problem

    Denny Wong-Oracle

      I tried to use the RESTful Services (View | RESTful Services) to define some web services, but I couldn't pass the login process.  I got the following error:


      Cannot connect to DMUSER. HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized


      But I could login via the APEX web interface.  I am sure the account credential is correct. I did execute the following steps to configure the RESTful services to be accessible by SQL Developer.  Any idea why it is not working?  It would be perfect to define the web services in SQL Developer than in APEX in my use case.  Please advise!  Thanks.


      Oracle Application Express Listener (Release 2.0.3 or later) (product name as of 2.0.6 = Oracle REST Data Services)

      Application Express Listener must be installed, configured, and running. You must also specify the roles in the Listener configuration file by adding properties to the defaults.xml configuration file to give all users the RESTful Services privilege, and all developers and administrators the OAuth2 Client Developer and SQL Developer roles. For example:

      <entry key="apex.security.user.roles">RESTful Services</entry>

      <entry key="apex.security.developer.roles">OAuth2 Client Developer, SQL Developer</entry>

      For more information, see Oracle Application Express Listener Installation and Developer Guide.


      You must also connect to the SYS account (AS SYSDBA) and execute the following statements:

      grant insert, delete on APEX_040200.wwv_flow_rt$privilege_groups to APEX_LISTENER;

      alter session set current_schema = APEX_LISTENER;

      create or replace synonym wwv_flow_rt$privilege_groups for APEX_040200.wwv_flow_rt$privilege_groups;