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    Mapping Change Validations - Please help


      ok. I am not sure where to start. We have been asked by senior management to compare all mapping changes by dimension from one period to another. So the current process is:


      Divisions submit mapping changes

      HFM admin process changes

      Send validation email to Divisions to validate changes (But most divisions are not doing this)


      So now Mangement has asked to have the mapping changes by Dimension for all Divisions to be compared to from last month to current month to make sure only those changes submitted were made. There are thrid party tools that do thisbut the process is cumbersome. Is anyone else doing this. Is there a best proactice for this? Can something be built in FDM to compare mappings? If anyone has any ideas please chime in




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          Francisco Amores



          have you tried Map Monitor reports? They are shipped with FDM


          - Map monitor for User

          - Map monitor for Location

          - Map monitor for Location and Change Type


          You can customize also existing reports and add additional parameters you may need.


          If these reports do not help you to meet your requirements you will have to build your own process.


          Hope that helps