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    EDK doc references generate_ecm_resources.sh.  Cannot find file.


      Hello All,


      I am working on a OEM 12c plugin.  I was digging through the EDK Programmers Reference, on page 7-14 the following reference is made:

      "ECM provides the following utility that can be run optionally to generate some

      additional files:


      <snapshot metadata XML file>

      <destination directory>"

      I am looking to use the *.dlf file that this script should generate.  However, I cannot find the generate_ecm_resources.sh (or .bat) file.


      I am looking in what I believe to be my <EDK_DIR>/bin ( and I see:















      I tried a file search of my entire machine, no results where found.  Was the script not packaged with the EDK?  Is there a different place/package I should be looking?


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          Turns out there is a documentation bug, after working with Oracle, they pointed me to:


          "generate_metadata_resource command usage :



                   empdk generate_metadata_resource -stage_dir <staging dir> | -core

                          -service <service id for the metadata Instance>

                          -input_dir <input directory where metadata instances are there>

                          [-tmp_dir <temp location>]

                          [-out_dir <output directory>]

                          [-file_extension <list of file extension / suffix>]

                          [-debug <debug file name>]

                  -stage_dir : Specify the directory where plugin.xml is there else specify -core option.

                  -tmp_dir : Specify some existing directory else will give error. If not specified then out directory will be used for temp location.

                  -out_dir : If not specified then resource file will be in the current directory

                  -file_extension : List of file extension / suffix for the resource files that needs to be generated

                  -debug :Specify some file name where you want to store the debug information. if not specified the default log file (createplugin.log<time>) will be created in the out directory and will store only warning and error message. if specified then it will store all the debugging information to that log file



          Service id: LiveSnapshotRegistration

          Allowed suffixes for Partners: dlf,_metric.xml,_collection.xml



          Example: To generate dlf file for the given ECM metadata XML file.



          empdk generate_metadata_resource


             -service LiveSnapshotRegistration

             -input_dir <Path to the Input directory>

             -out_dir <Path to the Output directory> 

             -file_extension dlf"