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    Potential Versioning Differences Between Storage Server and Grid Infrastructure/DB

    MS Sauter



      While awaiting my MOS CSI access to be approved For Exadata HW issues so I can open an SR, I have a question.  We are about to apply QFSDP for BP 22 on one of our full RACK X3 Exadta servers.  Currently, the Grid Infrastructure (GI)/DB SW is at and teh storage SW is at  Our last BP was 19.  BEFORE we apply the BP 22, we want to upgrade the clusterware to 12c - but not the DB (that will come later).  This is a high level question which I have discussed with several Oracle techs, but wanted to see what the experience/opinion is while I await access to my CSI.  Can you have your Grid Infrastructure (GI) running at a higher version than that of your your storage server?  The tech I spoke to said that all GI/DB SW should be at a version that is NO GREATER than that of the storage server - meaning a 12c version of the GI would not be compatible with a lowere version of the storage server.  Thank you in advacne for any guidance.