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    HFM Question


      Hi All,


      We have situation like the below. We have entities..





      New York




      We have to move "C" from California to Under New York. We want to consolidate previous Periods once we move it under New York. Is it safe?  We are loading data in to C from past one year.




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          Erich Ranz

          Hi Chek,


          Moving the entity to a new parent is fine and the base level data will move with the "C" entity.  It will deconsolidate history, which will require you to reconsolidate prior periods.  This will obviously change your financial results at the levels involved, but the data at the top should be the same.  I'd tie it out when finished and test in dev.

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            Thanks for your reply.Erich.


            Yes, i do re-consolidate for all the periods. I will first test it into the Development environment.


            Do we need to reload data for the previous periods after we move it in to new parent?. I think re-consolidation is enough.




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              You don't need to reload numbers for prior periods. A re-consolidation is enough.


              In this regards, you might want to check the OrgByPeriod settings to keep history intact. However, this needs special attention to other related settings, so if it is not a requirement, just moving the member should be fine.