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    Contract Management 14 SP3


      Good day all, I have a CM14.0.2.4 system I've applied SP 3 to, I'm getting a high CPU usage on from the end user systems when once the user logs into CM, 90 to 100% until CM or IE is closed.  In checking Task Manager, I find Java and IE each grabbing 40 to 50% and it varies as to which one is on top.  The application server is calm as if no-one is logged in, the page(s) do finally finish, and take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes which isn’t acceptable.  I can reproduce the same in a test environment; I just have fewer resources on my VM server. In an attempt to rule in or out IE and Java, we’ve tried IE 8 through 11 (64 and 32 bit on all), and Java 7 update 9 to 51…same results There are a few other issues but are tough to recreate with the interface running so slow. Thank you. Dean