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    how to delete managed server


      Hi All,


      I installed an webcenter spaces server on weblogic.I want to delete that server and again want to configure again using ./config.sh


      How to do that


      If i am opening ./config.sh then i am not getting option to select webcenter spaces.It is disbaled.how to do tht

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          Either you can do it from config.xml file, but bit risky.



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            Jayaprakash -Oracle

            Hi Vinay,


            Apart from deleting the managed server from config.xml which might be a little bit risky so the other option is to delete it from Console .


            So please login in to the Weblogic Admin Console using the the URL http://<host Name on which Admin Server>:<Admin Server Listen Port>/console


            Once logged into the console please follow the below steps in order to delete the Managed Server :-


            Goto -----> Environment ---> Servers ---->  Click on Lock & Edit in the change centre ------> Then  Select the Managed Server which needs to be deleted -----> Click on delete -----> Activate the changes in the change center.




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              Hi Vinay,


              Since you already configured webcenter spaces managed  server for that domain(which you might have deleted now) , you cannot configure the same managed server again for that same domain ( I guess you might have choosen to extend domain).


              Other option is to run the config again and create a new domain with new webcenter spaces server .

              Alternate option which might work or not -- Run the config again and choose expand cluster for the existing domain and check if the webcenter spaces is enabled or not. This option will be enabled only if you would have choosen "Clustered" option during the first run of the confiig.sh




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                Ratnesh Kumar Roy



                1. Login to weblogic console

                2. Down the managed server

                3. click on lock and edit if enabled

                4. select the managed server and delete it