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    Oracle_home Clonning to New Server with Grid


      Hi Experts


      Plz I need some advice with this requirement:


      We have this configuration:

      Oracle Rac 11gR2 with two Nodes and two Production Data Bases (For X application)

      on the other Hand

      Oracle Rac 11gR2 with two Nodes and One Production Data Base (For EBS application)


      I am asked to Clone the EBS Database to the X Rac, to clone the EBS enviroment, and its going to be a Stand alone on the first Node, until here so far so good.


      But when I finish cloning the EBS Database to the X RAC, the EBS team told me that they need to execute autoconfig and other script on the ORACLE_HOME of my X RAC with two Production Databases running, I am asked to shutdown those instance on this node, but we can not shutdown those instances.


      After thinking in one solution, I probably found a solution, I can create another ORACLE_HOME with another S.O. user, so I can create the new DataBase there, Install autoconfig for EBS and everything they need without affecting the current production Databases.


      After all this, my doubt :


      Can I Install Oracle Software from scratch with different S.O. user and on a different Filesystem (u02) on one node of the X RAC (stand alone) ? and install all the patches and PSU that they need on this new ORACLE_HOME?? and be able to communicate with ASM to create the Database on one DiskGroup ?


      or Can I copy the ORACLE_HOME from the EBS RAC with all the patches and PSU to the X RAC ?? and be able to communicate with the ASM to create the database on one DiskGroup ??


      Thank you for your time