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    Making Prompts Related - on Concatenated Month Year Name


      Hi Experts,

      I have facing an issue in requriement where prompt values are to be based on the value selected in other columns of same prompt.

      I understand that we can limit values in the Prompt however, please help on how we can limit values based on MonthYear selection.

      Lets say I have 3 columns in Dashboard Prompt

      1) From MonthYear1 (This column has values like 'January 2014' and so on...)

      2) To MonthYear2 (This column has values like 'January 2014' and so on...)

      3) Account Name.

      The requirement is to fetch only those Accounts in the Accounts dropdown whose transaction falls between MonthYear1 and MonthYear2. Since MonthYear is varchar, OBIEE is selecting only those values which are selected but not in between. i.e If user select January 2014 to April 2014, OBIEE is running report only for January 2014 and April 2014. Months Feb and March are getting skipped (I have used between already).

      please guide if I am missing something basic.