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    Cart Initial and Final Script Relative Path



      I'm using SQL Developer version on Mac OS X running JVM 1.7.0_25.


      I've found some great uses for the Data Cart feature in SQL Developer. One of the tables I'm working with includes a self-reference foreign key. So when I'm importing data into that table I either need to have some control over order by used on export, or I temporarily disable the foreign key constraint and then enable it after the import completes.


      I'm not sure if the Cart data export has support for specifying an "ORDER BY" clause; however, the option to add an "Initial Script" and a "Final Script" would seem to meet my needs. However, I work as part of a distributed team of developers. Not all of us have the same valid full path ... we're not even on the same platform. We're able to share the cart XML files just fine through our source code repository.


      Is there anyway to specify relative paths from the cart XML file to the initial/final script? Alternatively, it would work if I could enter the scripts directly into the Cart interface. Is this currently possible?