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    Error while writing in the excel file


      Hi All,


      We are using forms 10g

      Oracle Database version: 11g

      Excel version : 2002/2007


      We are doing the following steps in uploading the data into tables from a excel files

      1.Open the excel file (file name fil.xlsm)

      2.Write the all the data into a new CSV files( file name fil1.csv)

      3.clsoe the excel file

      4.Upload the data with the from the csv files

      5.reopen the excel file (fil.xlsm)

      6.We are getting the following error while writing something in the excel file. The process is working fine for 2002 excel file but facing issue in 2007 version of excel.


      Error Message : "WUO -712: Unable to set property:Value:Exception com.jacob.com.ComFailexception:Invoke of Value Source"


      Can you please help me in resolving the error.

      We are using webutil function to writing  back to the excel file.


      Thanks & Regards