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    Weblogic deployment descriptor “page-check-seconds” doesn't work on weblogic 12.1.1 server which is running on development mode


      I have deployed an exploded WAR file to the weblogic 12.1.1 server. Since I need to do changes to the JSPs and view them instantly with out deploying the whole application again, I have added the following entry to the weblogic.xml (to reload the changes with out deploying the application again).

       <wls:jsp-descriptor> <wls:page-check-seconds>1</wls:page-check-seconds> </wls:jsp-descriptor>

      But the changes I have done to the JSPs were not reloaded as it is defined in the descriptor (1 sec) thus could not see the changes

      Later I found that the weblogic is running on production mode. and then I have requested to to start the weblogic on development mode. So my infra team has started the weblogic on development mode.

      But the problem still exists, JSP changes are not reflected instantly.

      Note : When the Server was running in production mode "config.xml" had the following configuration.


      But after the server was started in development mode The entry was not there in the config.xml instead of setting the "production-mode-enabled" value to "false".

      Could anyone please help me to identify what went wrong