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    Suppress particular OGG warnings?


      Hello, dear community!


      Is there a way to prevent OGG processes from writing particular warnings to RPT files, or to prevent OGG Director from sending these warnings through Email Alerts. Googling and searching through documentation did not give any results.


      Here's my case:


      I have a setup, that constantly fires OGG-03504

      NLS_LANG character set AL32UTF8 on the target is different from the source database character set CL8MSWIN1251. Replication may not be valid if the source data has an incompatible character for the target NLS_LANG character set.

      But as far as I'm concerned this dissimilarity in encodings does not break any data.


      I also use OGG Director to alert me by email about all warnings. So on every replicat run I get emails containing this warning (replicat runs on schedule with 'end runtime' parameter specified, so I get that message every 2 hours).


      Beside information on this particular warning Email Alert can contain another critical warnings, so I'm to check them.


      I wonder, is there a way to suppress these (or any other) particular warnings?


      Thanks in advance.


      Regards, Anton