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    Trendline in a Stacked Column Chart




      just wanted to know if its possible to add a trendline in my stacked column chart. if its possible pls tell me how to create it pls


      greetings km

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          Anychart is a Flash object that expects a XML structure as input data.


          This can easily be customised in Apex using a new theme region for dynamic PL/SQL, or static XML text.


          The PL/SQL code generates a XML chart structure to graph.


          Call the new region AnychartGraph for example. The HTML contents of the region needs to be "3 pieces" of HTML code.


          1. A hidden text area that contains the #BODY# tag of the region. The PL/SQL code executed writes its XML contents into this tag, and thus into the HTML textarea element.


          2. A div that will be used as the canvas/GDI by Anychart for drawing the graph.


          3. A Javascript that creates an Anychart object,  uses the setData() method to assign the XML contents of the textarea element to graph, and then execute the write() method with the div canvas element as target.


          It is straightforward to implement. And allows you to run any queries and transform the results into Anychart XML for graphing (doing dashboard charts, stacked line charts, mixing spline and bar charts, etc).