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    ME SDK 8.0 EA Device Manager - Problems with Serial COM-Connection


      I caught a first glimpse at the new ME SDK 8.0 - so far I have been working only with very old JavaME-Stuff on a Cinterion-TC65i-Chip.


      Want to connect my Raspberry Pi via serial COM-Connection with the SDK-8.0-EA-Device-Manager. (due to security reasons I'm not allowed to connect the Pi via LAN/Wifi)

      But the problem is the ME SDK 8.0 EA Device Manager only offers me COM4 (this is my built-in UMTS-Modem) - even though my target-COM-Device isn't busy at all.

      A serial connection via Putty and USB2Serial-Cabel (FTDDI) works fine and I can get on my Raspberry.

      Is there any reason or restriction I don't know for being unable to use my dedicated COM-Port? Or do I have to make any additional adjustments in hidden SDK-Property-files?

      In my opinion the device manager using COM should offer me the same possibilities as an IP-Connection regarding the target-device (transfering my Jad/jar to the device, installing them and starting them).

      There is something in the SDK-get-Started Docu about "Connecting to a UART Device" I'm not really cotton on . Is this information concerning me even though I'm using a Raspberry PI?

      To put my files manually via USB-Stick or Z-Modem on the PI is a tad of inconvinient.



      Any ideas? Or am I completely off track understanding your SDK-Tooling?



      Thx and best regards