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    writing request XQUERY with oracle 11G



      What is exactly the best way to make an XMLTYPE object (column with type XMLType) request with Oracle 11 g ? (Oracle 11g  Release

      In different books, we see a lot of different requests.

      Simple example :

      create table contact_file_tbl(filename varchar2(255), xml xmltype);

      insert into contact_file_tbl (filename, xml)

      values ('john_smith.xml', xmltype(bfilename('XML_DIR', 'john_smith.xml'),nls_charset_id('AL32UTF8')));

      Ok for now

      But impossible to make a good query :

      select XMLQuery('declare namespace book="http://xmlbook.com/sample/contact.xsd"; (:

      for $c in /book:contact

      return $c/book:first_name' PASSING a.xml RETURNING CONTENT)

      from contact_file_tbl a;

      returns nothing.


      why this request works ?

      SELECT filename, XMLQuery('toto'

               PASSING xml RETURNING CONTENT) dataResult

        FROM contact_file_tbl;


      Could you send me a request with this example.

      Here the XML document :

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <contact xmlns="http://xmlbook.com/sample/contact.xsd" id="1">
      <first_name Chinese="约翰">John</first_name>
      <street1>1234 sunflower road</street1>
      <reference relationship="account manager, tech sales">
      <reference relationship="account manager, app sales">


      Thank you very much