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    Uncosted Exceptions: Accounting flex field could not be validated


      Hi Experts,


      We are in the process of closing the period and when we ran the transaction exception report, we encountered the above exception. Although this exception is not going to prevent period closing, our client wants this to be fixed.


      Since these transactions are employee hours coming from an external source, I ran the distribute labor costs program to find out the route cause.  In the log file, I found the following warning:


      Entering paacaf()

      Current system time is 19-MAR-2014 19:27:13

      Not the correct Business Unit!

      paacaf-E: Failed to validate flexfield

      Warning in Flex Validation for line '25130228:IND:N:1:'


      What I understood from the above warning is, the business unit is not correct for these transactions, but I am not sure how to fix this issue.


      Can anybody here help me out in fixing this issue?


      Your assistance in this regard is much appreciated.