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    Solaris 11.1, EM-OC 12.2, JDK: mayhem ensues


      The latest release notes for Enterprise Manager Ops Centre contain this gem:

      JDK Issue 8035283 — Breaks Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center In SPARC LDoms

      Workaround: If using Oracle Solaris 11.1, use a lower version than SRU 15.4 or a later version that includes a fixed version of Java.


      So...bearing in mind IPS enforces Java version, you need to unlock and change the JDK, assuming a site doesn't want to fall back to a previous BE.


      But the steps do this aren't documented anywhere. How do you do it?


      And might I suggest that the right hand checks with the left from time to time, to avoid this sort of thing happening again?

      We have customers who were relying on the new features in OC 12.2 and it won't run without hacking on IPS. Which in any case is a Bad Thing.