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    Need to add/update two records on Create/Update button click

    Manas M

      I have a table with 5 columns

      1. ID - Primary Key

      2. Name

      3. Address

      4. CARB

      5. OCAR


      Now every time I do an insert into this table to this table I need to add two rows as shown below:

      1st row - (Name1,Add1,717,717)

      2nd row - (Name1,Add1,,515,515)


      The values Name and address are inputs from the screen and CARB & OCAR values are fixed(either 717 or 515). So for every Create button click two records need to be inserted.


      Similar when I update any  particular record say Carb- 717 & Ocar-717, I need to also update the other record  Carb-515 & Ocar-515 too. So for every Update button click I need to update two records.


      Please tell me as to how do I go about doing this