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    Persist XA Tracing




      We have set the xa tracing  for several groups of Tuxedo servers like :


      chtr -g GW1 inet+xa:/XA/ulog:dye


      the problem is this change dosn't persist next boot of the servers, it's just for rutime


      is there a way to persist this tracing ?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Todd Little-Oracle



          You can use the TMTRACE environment variable to make this persistent, but beyond that I don't know of any other way to make it persistent.  The TMTRACE setting can be in a ENV file or just set from the command line before booting the server.



          Todd Little

          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect

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            Thanks Todd can we set this either in OPENINFO string with Debug flag "DbgFl", MOS : Article ID 1094939.1].


            but the problem is the value specified concern XA solely if i need also network trace "inet+xa" ? any idea ?



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              Bob Finan-Oracle


              An OPENINFO string is only sent to and used by the database. For Oracle DB the DbgFl flag will add debugging info to a trace file on the Oracle side

              (i.e. not to the Tuxedo ULOG). Note, connectivity with a database is controlled by a library provided by the database vendor(i.e. they provide connect debugging)

              The "tmadmin chtr" and TMTRACE debugging will only effect the Tuxedo side and, for those servers it is targeted to, the trace logging will be sent to the ULOG.

              The "inet" category of Tuxedo tracing will only show connection tracing for GWTDOMAIN,WSH, or JSH servers. It will not log anything additional for TMS type servers or applications using the database client library to connect to the database.


              Bob Finan

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                Thanks Todd & Bob.