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    Fields disappear Oracle 10g


      Hi All,


      I am designing a form in Oracle 10g for R12. When I create a field and subclass it, then when I check the form in EBS, the items are not getting displayed.

      The fields are just disappearing leaving only the prompt.


      When I remove subclass, I could see the fields again. But if I do not subclass every field, it might cause some issues when migrating to new environment.


      If anyone has come across similar issue. Could you kindly help?


      Thanks and Regards,


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          It sounds like the object your fields are subclassed from is not found when you compile your form on your application server.  This would account for why the Height and Width revert to 0 during compilation.  Make sure your source object (Forms or OLB) is in your AU_TOP (if I remember correctly) so it will be found during compile.



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            Try to recompile the form at the same location where u put the fmb.and now

            put the fmx in the custom_top/forms/US.

            I mean to say that dont comile the form directly at the custom_top/forms/US.