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    Setup Price breaks for GBPA


      Hi All,


      I have a GBPA with following details


      Type: Blanket Purchase Agreement

      Supplier: Bunnings

      Ship To: Sydney Office

      Bill To: Sydney office

      Global: Enabled


      I am entering lines for the BPA. For a particular line i am entering the price breaks


      Price Break details


      Num: 1

      Org: AU

      Ship-To: Sydney

      Price Break : 70


      Num: 2

      Org: NZ

      Ship-To: Auckland

      Price Break: 80


      I am not able to save this as it says Your ship to location is invalid for this organization, you must enter a valid ship to location


      My question is, how can i set a global BPA where in the supplier can send the goods to multiple org within the same BPA?




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          Can you please advise,


          Ship to Location

          Bill to Location in the following setup:


          Setup | Organizations | Financial Options | Supplier Purchasing Tab.

          If this has values

          Ship To: Sydney Office

          Bill To: Sydney office

          Can you please remove values from here and reproduce the issue.