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    View all grants on database object

    Robin R



      I want to see all the grants on a package which is not owned by my user. I currently see only my own grant. Can this be done in SQL Developer (4.0.1)?



      My user (ABC) logs into database and via Other users>Packages navigates to SYS.UTL_FILE. User ABC has execute rights on this package and has DBA role in database. I can view information on this package but only see by grants on tab 'Grants'. I would like to see all the grants (for other users) on this package. In Toad with the same user/database I see all the grants. When I export the package (with Grants) all the grants are in the script, so it should be possible. I don't know the SYS password.


      Why don't I see all the grants? Can this be changed (properties)? Is this a feature or a bug ?