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    Weblogic Portal Sequencer


      HI Experts,


      We are currently migrating a custom CMS to weblogic portal CMS, we've done the migration on the database level by creating scripts that will insert the data from old CMS to WLP CMS, however after migrating all the data we encountered a PK violation in CM_NODE table particularly on NODE_ID column when we are trying to create a new content via WLP CMS API. i found out that the ID's on this column (NODE_ID) are generated by p13n's Sequencer ( correct me if I'm wrong). here is my question, is there a  way to alter the sequencer's starting value to avoid PK violation on the current NODE_ID's on CM_NODE table? i checked the the SEQUENCER table and tried to alter the current value for NODE_ID but i got no luck. or is there a way to call the sequencer on an insert script? so the scripts that i created will still use the IDs generated by the sequencer. i hope you can help me on this. thanks in advance!