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    3D compound polygons not supported in 11g?

    Matti Siren

      Hi all,


      I modified the example presented in the 11g R2 Spatial Developer's Guide, section 2.7.4., to produce a compound polygon in 3D. My spatial object looks like this:


      mdsys.sdo_geometry (3003, null, null,

      mdsys.sdo_elem_info_array (1,1005,2, 1,2,1, 7,2,2),

      mdsys.sdo_ordinate_array (6,10,0, 10,1,0, 14,10,0, 10,14,0, 6,10,0))


      It should represent a simple figure with a line string and a circular arc that make up a closed, planar shape at elevation=0. In 11g, when I apply the sdo_geom.validate_geometry_with_context function on it, I get the error status "54530 Point:0,Edge:0,Ring:1,", claiming "invalid etype for element at element offset". If I do the same thing in 10g, the validation function returns TRUE.


      It seems 3D compound polygons are no longer supported in 11g. Why is this? Are they ever going to be supported again, in an 11g patch or in 12c?