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    Time Calculations


      I'm working on a labor variance report for work orders.  We're tracking the time that the users start and stop each work order operation and then want to report the labor and machine hours.  In my report, I need to calculate the time difference.


      The first step that I'm using is BF N968901A - Calculate Time Consumed.  I'm feeding the Start Date, Completion Date, Beginning Time, and Ending Time.  It returns the time elapsed.  It returns it to a field using the alias HRW.


      The next step that I'm using is BFN N1700800 Convert Time HHMMSS to Decimal.  It uses the input in HRW and the output in HRW.  When I run the process through debug, I can see the input going into this process, but the output comes out as 0.  In my example, the input was 49 seconds.  I'm using the field in decimal format to keep a total of the number of hours for the operation.  I've tried to find some documents on these business functions to understand if I'm using them correctly.  Any information would be appreciated.


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          I'm still looking for some assistance on this business function.  I took a look at the event rule and the statements look fairly straight forward.  The time that I'm sending to the business function is 49 seconds.  I'm trying to follow how the business function handles the calculation when it only receives the time in seconds.  It has a mod function and I need to understand how it would convert 49 seconds into a decimal because it's returning 0.


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