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    Need to Create Sourcing RFQ from a Inprocess Non-Catalog Requisition


      Busineess Requirement is that to do Sourcing RFQ for finalizing the Actual Price for a Inprocess Requisition.

      This is mostly required for Non-Catalog Requisition, where Requester donot know the Price/Amount during creation of Requisition.


      Hence, Procurement Department wants Sourcing Team should be part of the Non-Catalog Requisition Approval and completes the sourcing Process against the Inprocess Requisition.

      After final quote price is decided and it should be copied to Requisition Lines.


      Any Workaround is available for the same?

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          Dear Sumit,


          Lets split the requirements:



          a) Purchase Requisition is In Process, and needs to be in Deferred State, until an RFQ is completed, and quotation short listed (In short, Save Award function is done in Sourcing)

          b) The Price from the Quotation Saved, must be copied/ over write existing price in requisition.

          c) Requisition should now be progressed, and new approval hierarchy must trigger based on revised PR value.


          This looks little unrealistic to me. When completing the award process, the actual price is what is used to create the PO, its immaterial what is the price in requisition, so why have it in first place, and complicate the entire system?


          Few Questions


          a) Can the Negotiated Price be captured as a part of a DFF in requisition line level?

          b) Is Encumbrance implemented at PR level?