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    If oo4o is not supported in Windows 7 / Oracle 11gR2 64-bit, then what???


      Hallo, we have a Problem similar to the one handled in the archived thread https://community.oracle.com/thread/2247185. "However, 32 bit OO4O is not supported on x64 in general. That's not to say that it doesn't work though ~ it's just not supported. Your options would be: 1) install 10205 or 11202 32 bit client with oo4o, and use it even though it's not supported. ..." We have an old oo4o based program we now want to use on Windows 7 64-bit platform. We have installed the 32-bit Oracle Client but when launching the program during database connect by _db = new ODatabase(...) we get 'Specified class not registered in registry.' Any hints how to "use it even though it's not supported" are welcome. Dirk