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    Poor performance after moving from hp to linux, oracle to, filesystems to ASM


      We moved a database from HP/UX to linux, upgraded oracle from to, and from filesystems to ASM.  The new server has 32 cores and 500gb of memory. the old server has less than half of that.  Queries take twice as long to run on the new server as on the old server.  We've tested to eliminate I/O as the issue by creating a local filesystem and creating the database there.  The performance was still double over the old database.  We also moved the database to a 3rd server, using ASM and of oracle for testing to prove to the systems administrator that it wasn't a database problem.  The performance on the 3rd server is incredibly fast.  This points to something on the new server.  Does anyone have any ideas of what to look at next, keeping in mind that we've tested the heck out of I/O.


      Thanks for any assistance.