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    Starting a RAC service without the db_domain?


      Is it possible to start a service that does not have the db_domain in it?


      I'm in a situation where all our databases have db_domain=WORLD.  All of our current single instance listeners have a static registration for each database that means that the listener registers the service DBNAME in addition to the DBNAME.WORLD service that the database's dynamic registration creates.  Because the DBNAME  (without the .WORLD) service exists, it has become common to access the various databases using a connect string that uses SERVICE_NAME=DBNAME rather than SERVICE_NAME=DBNAME.WORLD.


      Now, however, we are starting to implement RAC.  RAC, of course, requires dynamic registration and doesn't really support the static registration that we are used to (especially with the SCAN listeners).  That means no services that don't have the .WORLD.   Before I inform all the client application teams that they have to change their connect strings to add the .WORLD, I'm trying to see if anybody knows of a way to get the SCAN listeners to register a service_name without the domain?



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