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    Doubt about transcender material for Advanced PL/SQL 11g exams


      Hi guys,

      I'm an OCA PL/SQL and next week I will pass my IZ0-146 exams to take my OCP, for this a read some books and I've bought a transcender practice exam. I need to know how close to the real exams this material is?


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          Matthew Morris

          I cannot tell you how close that specific practice exam is, but as a general rule, the questions & answers are very similar to those you will see in the exam.  I will say that they are not close enough of it to make sense to try to memorize the Transcender Q&A. You won't see the exact duplicates on the real exam. However, if you understood the information well enough to score high on the exam in your first or second take, then you are likely ready for the exam.  If you took the practice exams four or more times before getting a passing score, then it is less clear whether you are truly ready for the actual test.  By the time you've taken a given practice exam more than three times, you are going more on memory of the specific questions than on knowledge of the information behind the questions.  I talk more about that in the article below:


          How to Use Practice Tests Effectively When Studying for an Oracle Certification